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DJ Switch featured in revealing interview with CNN

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 26: DJ Switch kicks off The Goalkeepers 2018 Event, at Jazz at Lincoln Center on September 26, 2018 in New York City. Goalkeepers is a multiyear campaign organized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation dedicated to accelerating progress towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (or Global Goals). The event highlighted the stunning progress in reducing extreme poverty since 1990 and showcased what is possible if the world invests in the health and education of its growing youth populations. (Photo by Handout/Mike Lawrence/Getty Images for Gates Archive)
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The sky is really turning out to be the starting point for Ghanaian young DJ, Erica Armah Bra-Bulu Tandoh, who is popular for her stage name DJ Switch.

After hanging out and performing for the likes of billionaire Bill and Melinda Gates’ event in New York and also the likes of France president, Emmanuel Macron at the Goalkeepers recently, DJ Switch has again been featured in an interesting interview on CNN.

DJ Switch, a second child and only girl of Ghanaian parents with five children, started her interview by stating that “I came up with the name DJ Switch because when I was a kid I was switching up the mood of people. When you’re sad I’ll make you happy when you’re happy and you want to be more excited, I’ll make you excited…”

She also revealed how she learned how to DJ roughly a year ago, in a village bar where the local DJ taught her how to use a laptop. She also revealed that after a few days of learning she also began to teach her teacher some things he didn’t also know.

“I make my mind up that what I’m going to do, I’m going to do with energy and also attitude to make the crowd happy and I make myself confident not to feel nervous because I don’t feel shy. I always take nervous and giving up out of my dictionary.”, this was the answer of DJ Switch to a question about if she felt nervous DJing in front of numerous world leaders, in her first trip outside Ghana.

DJ Switch also revealed her great love for education when she stated that: “I wanna be a very big DJ and my goal is to combine DJing and a future as a gynaecologist. … Let’s say in the future you come to my hospital and you want to deliver and I’ll just be playing some music and you’ll see your baby dancing while it’s coming.”

Watch the full interview below

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