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Premier League ‘agree in principle’ to use VAR from next season

Video technology was used to great success in the World Cup in the summer


At a shareholders’ meeting on Thursday, clubs were provided with an update on this season’s VAR trials.

A formal request will now be made to both lawmakers the International Football Association Board and FIFA, the world governing body.

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A statement from the Premier League said its testing programme would continue for the rest of the season, “with a continued emphasis on those Saturday afternoons which have several matches being played concurrently”.

How VAR decisions are communicated to fans in the stadium is to also be addressed, with the development of a “clear protocol” to be established.

In April of this year, Premier League clubs voted against the introduction of VAR from 2018-19 following several high profile controversies during trials of the technology in domestic cup competitions.

Clubs instead agreed to ‘continue advanced testing’ of VAR, with a decision now being reached it would appear.