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SWAG President Kwabena Yeboah Not Excited With Work Done By The Normalization Committee


SWAG President Kwabena Yeboah says he has not been too “excited by the work done by the Normalization Committee so far”

Kwabena Yeboah claims he doesn’t believe that, football can’t be normalize within six months and the NC should have been urgent in their work in restoring Ghana football within their six months period

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There have been reports that the NC will be requesting for extension of their time in order to finish with their work for football in Ghana.

Renowned Sports Journalist, Kwabena Yeboah says he doesn’t see why six months is not sufficient for the Normalization Committee looking at the work given to them and he thinks that, they needed some urgency in carrying out their mandate

“I am not excited about work done so far, I thought some urgency will be injected. I personally do not think that six months is such a limited time for football to be stabilized in Ghana for the new group to takeover.

“If by the end of March, we have not gone for elections and the NC is seeking is seeking extension I will be extremely shocked”he said on Joyfm.

The Normalization Committee was given six months to review the statues and conduct elections for the Ghana football to be stabilized after Ace investigative journalist, Anass exposed corruption in Ghana and African football which has been an huge problem for years in which the top hierarchy of the Association was indicted.