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USA network kicks off Falling water this month


American supernatural drama television series, Falling water, starts Showing on USA network this month. Falling water will blow your minds with drama such as this ;

Three people, who have no connection to one another, slowly realize that they are all dreaming separate pieces of a common dream. Each is on a personal quest, and they use clues found in their collective dream to help them find the solutions to their mysteries, which include searching for a missing girlfriend and a lost child. As the dreamers dig deeper into their investigations, though, they discover that their missions involve stakes that are much bigger than their individual agendas and that the visions they are seeing in their common dream could hold the key to the world’s fate.

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Falling water is created by Gale Anne Hurd, Blake Masters, Henry Bromell and directed by Juan Carlos.

David Ajala – Burton

Lizzie Brocheré – Tess

Will Yun Lee – Take / Taka

Anna Wood – The Woman in Red

Francesca Faridany – Helena Swift

Trudie Styler – Charlotte

Ben Van Bergen – Paranoid Belgian

Nandita Chandra – Nina

Joey Auzenne – Tweaker Davey

Shiloh Fernandez – Levon

Pooya Mohseni – Dr. Duria

Javon Jones – Neighborhood Kid

Kai Lenno – Woody Hammond

Zak Ort – Bill Boerg

Lou Taylor Pucci

Michael O’Keefe, Jessica Heart, Jodi Long, Kumiko, Melanie Nicholls King, Ann Marie Bowen, Neal Huff, Daniel Orestes, Adrian Martinez, Marcos, S. Bryson Williams, The Boy, Ramon Fernandez, Latino Man, Leslie Silva, Paula, Tally Sessions, Det. Gary, Lianna Pai – Second Nurse, Miriam A. Hyman – Woman in Scrubs, William Hill-Hank Senior Uniform

Adam Dannheisser – Ernie, Sue Jean Kim – Dr. Song

Qurrat Ann Kadwani – Concierge

Rita Gardner – Old Jewish Lady

Vanessa Aspillaga – Doctor

Karl Bury – Detective Janakowski

Ralph Cashen – The homeless man

Mick Hazen – Teen Woody

Nichole Kanhai – Green Woman

Adam B. Shapiro – Upscale Seeker

Bettina Skye – Bag lady

Joseph Ademola Adeyemo – Craftsman

Ito Aghayere – Sergeant

Nicole Bonifacio – Kissing Girl

Teddy Cañez – Green Man

Marceline Hugot – Beverley

Katt Masterson – Cop 1

Cliff Samara – Bodega Husband

Joseph Thompson – Eddie

Lucy Walters – Isla

Rebecca Whites – Nurse

Neil Fleischer – Family Visitor (uncredited)

Faith Logan – Twirling Dream Sequence Seeker