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Volta Music Awards Organizers Clear Fuss Circulating Around – Kwamevi Ashiaby (Ex Doggy)


I am seeing some nominations or some PEM Volta music awards circulating on social media involving most of our Volta musicians. I want to use this opportunity to make it clear that I am nowhere associated to this and EventicGH or EventicTV is not a partner to PEM VOLTA MUSIC AWARDS. I believe they are also trying to do something to recognise the good work our musicians in Volta are doing but the approach is “Wrong.”


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I am part of an event organizing company Eventicgh which is planning to organize “VOLTA MUSIC AWARDS” and we are in the process of involving all stakeholders and making sure we do a well recognized, credible and for that matter putting Volta Region on the map in terms of music and art. We are constituting a BOARD and an ACADEMY which will coordinate and also come out with rules and regulations ( CRITERIA ) to be followed in this awards scheme and then open nominations for our musicians to file.

We at EventicGh are not in haste of trying to organize an event which will be only historic, however, want to celebrate the EXCELLENCE of our Volta musicians and honor our legends. We are not ignoring the major stakeholders like MUSIGA (Volta branch), Ministry of creative art, Ministry of Tourism, etc. We are not in any competition with any event organizers to try to do anything mediocre just in the name of “we are the first to organize it” but rather we want to do a well structured and organized event that will put a smile on the hard working artists in Volta region.

To conclude, we will be announcing to the general public on how we are planning this historic event after we are done constituting and consulting all stakeholder by end of this month. I will like to urge all media houses, musicians, record labels, bloggers, artist managers, sound engineers, DJs and all stakeholders to support us so as to bring this to a success.